Your Job Matters

September of 2016 has been one of the most inspiring months in my life. I made a decision earlier this year, that by the end of September I’ve found my calling, my passion, the career that is the right one for me, and does good for the world. More focused direction to where I was already going.

Thankfully, it was a no-brainer to finally make my definitive career decision.

I finished reading 4 new books on career & guidance, after which I put all the pieces together.

And the answer was always there - I just had to dig it up. I’m a really good fit to be the person who helps others dig up their careers inside out and then communicate it to the world.

I’m talking about that special place where you believe in what you are doing, believe in your skills and abilities, and then in a natural way (with the help of some content strategy) you translate that into a fine job position or into more and better clients for your company. I want to guide people, design tools and inspire people to bring what’s inside them to a more lucrative and fun career.

There wasn’t much digging to do since the signs were already around me. I just never completely stopped to think what would be the best possible job for my personality, for my character. I was always learning new tools, new ideas, new ways to do things in a certain line of business, never really thinking if I would love using those tools every day.

My bird’s nest like bibliography of Adobe programs, online content, copywriting, marketing, web designing, advertising, entrepreneurship, coping with stress, time management, organizing skills, digital art, self-help, business, career, education, service design, teaching, social media etc. is a nice nest ready to lift off so many different careers.

All those tools and yet I still feel like hoarding more things to inspire and challenge me. I had to search inside me, why all those tools? Why so many tools? Do they all really matter? I could never master it all!

Bigger ideas!

Need bigger ideas! Need focus!

I could never give up my passion for beautifully crafted written content - informative and soulful, well arranged content is an art form in itself. You love it when you see it!

Also, building trust between people and services is really important, private or municipal. Why should I ever close that door? There are people making bad decisions for others. People who are too bored to think about the effects of customer experience, tired people without tools to make any difference.

When a job matters, you can open up many more meaningful possibilities to yourself and to others. These things complement each other.

We could all share stories of people who have a job that matters. We could all share stories when someone really inspired us and helped us. And we could also share stories when someone should, well, you know… do their job.

These things matter to me and they challenge me. These are big ideas compared to the tools I find useful. Building a career based on a big idea, it’s always been there. And now I finally grasped it.

I’ll try to design my years so I could take time for research (like I did with this September), time to design e-courses and services and time to connect with people and their needs. I found that special place of mine, where my values, quirks, aspirations and skills all come together.

This leads to some changes, and I feel lucky to have around one year before graduating. I have all that time to learn more and gain more experience as my main assignment. I also feel lucky to be now working online, where I’m learning the ropes of community management and online customer service. It all matters and counts!

Biggest change though is my focus on learning the career guidance needs of people here in Finland. Some of the needs are universal of course, but it’s still better to build on top of more familiar grounds at first, if possible.

I know just how hard and frustrating it can be to find the right career. Or how hard it is to find a job that enables your household to think about callings.

I also know how important it is to feel like you can make a difference, that your job matters! That truly is my calling.

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