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Hi! I just created a game for You! Sweet! Passion Hunter 3 is free printable QA Game that outlines some future topics of SAMISU blog.

Use these sheets (below) from your screen and play with regular deck of cards, or copy, print, cut and glue to make your own set of cards. It's for up to 18 players, and there are 54 cards in total and 8 sheets (Jokers included).

Shuffle the deck, and every player takes 3 hand cards. Game round is over once all 3 cards are used by everyone. One player at a time takes one of his / her cards and reads it aloud. Then chooses to A. answer the question by himself, B. pick someone else to answer it or C. everyone answers. After answering, it's time for the next player clockwise. Game is over when you say it's over.

Feel free to show your support by giving feedback or suggestions about Passion Hunter 3, or by sharing the game with others! All future games from SAMISU will benefit from your support and feedback! Thank You!

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Passion Hunter 3-A Passion Hunter 3-B Passion Hunter 3-C Passion Hunter 3-D Passion Hunter 3-E Passion Hunter 3-F Passion Hunter 3-E Passion Hunter 3-F

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