Portfolio cases and works from here and there. I’ll keep updating this post.

Logo for travian ranking

Travian Ranking @ www.travianranking.com is an ongoing project. My job was to design a Logo and layout for the website. So far only a banner with the logo has been implemented. Since it's a ranking site for gamers from around the world, I'm also designing new color combinations like flags and seasons. There might even be some fan merchandise coming up.

Travian Ranking T-Ranger shop icon

Update: Travian Ranking merchandise Now Available!


Logo Design for SAMISU Now here’s a more familiar face. I wanted to create a playful cut-it-from-paper-myself-logo for SAMISU.com. Now I can fill the letters with any color combinations, textures or pictures! With summer time around the corner, I’ll start with papaya, passion, raspberry, strawberry, choco and mint! The Rum Raisin I already ate.

Update: SAMISU went A-CORN

Passion Hunter 3

Not yet familiar with Passion Hunter 3? It's a Free partyish (have fun while talking deep) card game I made where you think and talk about your different dreams and passions. It should also introduce some future topics of my blog. Use the rule sheets from your screen or print them out to make your very own Passion Hunter 3 card deck. Check out for more @ www.samisu.com/PassionHunter3

Blue Giraffe logo of previous company

Wow! A giant giraffe head from outer space! Just kidding. It's a logo-mascot for my previous company, Blue Giraffe. I designed logos and pamphlets and web sites and art pieces and studied a lot, but never really, you know... the lift off. Stressful times were those few years. And so I decided to apply for university of applied sciences 2014, and start building a dream job career this time.

Floudi logo

The co-operative Floudi. I worked and studied there with 17 other BBA students. I designed a logo that really floooooows with one swooooop of a haaaaand and then, after 7 months I decided to leave this student group and put all that energy into starting my own business. There was a practice company before Floudi where I studied about 1 year with some other BBA students. Anyways, I'm really happy and full of energy now that Uni opened up a new channel to get points while planning or running your own business. Now that's like super awesome!!!

web design portfolio collage from samisu

Here's some web design. On the left, there's siki souq, the first online shop I designed (along with the products) so I could learn how these things work. No need for that site anymore, but it was a really good learning experience. The one in the middle is a portfolio site I made for one talented Fashion Designer. And the last one on the right is a collage of my previous company's website.

Mixed style digital art pieces from SAMISU

Now then, here's some mixed and scrapped digital art pieces. I will open up a very different kind of artsy portfolio in the near future. It's going to be a surprise!

Update: Not a surprise anymore! SAMISU Design Shop is Open!

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