Sami Uski Author of Samisu Blog

Sami wants to go on a Dream Job Journey.

Sami is passionate about entrepreneurial lifestyle, ups and downs of being at your best, happy places and saving the world with happy games and prints. His professional aspirations are online customer experiences, service design, content / community management and the power of trust.

So far Sami has studied Communication Arts, Adobe CS3-5, some Web Design, and has been a self-taught sole trader Take 1: What happened? Now Sami is a BBA student, community manager and a browser game proofreader-translator (EN-Fi-Fi) ready for Take 2: Building a blazing amazing dream career online.

Sami is 32 y/o Finn living in Turku

His mantra is ‘Be Happy About It & Not Stupid About It’ and he loves ice cream, stories, games, karaoke and good wine and picnics with friends.

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